Why doesn’t Jones Dairy Farm sell dairy products?
Our company was founded as a dairy farm. We made cheese and butter and hence the name Jones Dairy Farm. Pork sausage became a part of what we made…and the reason we are best known. Although we eventually stopped making dairy products to focus on pork sausage, bacon, ham, etc., the company name was already established so now it’s just a great conversation piece.

Do you accept chamber bucks?
YES we do! Stop in at 601 Jones Ave. Fort Atkinson, WI and our staff would be more than happy to assist you.

Do you offer gift cards?
Yes, we offer Jones Market Gift Cards in any denomination.

Do you offer gift boxes?
Yes, we offer free gift boxes that you can fill with Wisconsin goodness.

What is the difference between cured and uncured?
No nitrates are added to our bacon.  Sodium nitrite is used in the brine. According to our R&D dept, bacon by definition is a cured product using salt, sugar or nitrates/nitrites. Nitrite provides protection against some foodborne illnesses. Bacon can be cured with naturally occurring nitrates/nitrites found in celery powder and sea salt. These are labeled as “uncured” because nitrite isn’t used as an independent ingredient.  So some products state “no added nitrite” which is true, they aren’t adding nitrites directly.  They use sea salt and celery powder and label the product with the “naturally occurring” terminology.  But it’s not really nitrite/nitrate free.  Please call our customer service department if you have further questions/concerns.

What is curing?
Curing is a process whereby meat has had the addition of Sodium Nitrate or Nitrite added to it. Normally items like Bacon, Hotdogs, smoked sausage, Ham are cured.

What is ABF?
Antibiotic Free. All meat must be free of Antibiotics prior to slaughter per the USDA. Jones Dairy Farm Antibiotic Free products only come from animals that have never ever been given antibiotics in their life time (commonly referred to NAE-Never Ever administered antibiotics in the animals life time).

How many sandwiches can I make from shaved hams?


  • 2 slices per person
  • 20-24 slices per pound
  • 5 pound package makes 50-60 Small Ham Slice or Canadian Bacon sandwiches


  • Small Bun (slider size) 8-10 sandwiches per pound
  • Large Bun 4-6 sandwiches per pound
  • If it’s the only meat they are serving, then suggest maybe adding more meat to their order.

What makes it a German Brat?
What makes it German is that it came from a German master sausage maker.

What’s Jagurwurst?
Jagarwurst is a hunter sausage.  Pork belly is not standard as the meat block and the spices vary but all of them are highly spiced because the sausage was traditionally eaten cold.  Mustard seeds are common.