Jones Market History

The large four story gambrel roof brick building that the current Jones Market occupies was built in 1906. It was originally called the Sausage Kitchen and was later termed Plant 1 when the Jones family built another manufacturing plant next door in 1964.

The original ‘Retail Store’ was built in the 1920’s for convenience as an office for wheelchair bound Milo C. Jones, the founder of the company. Later, it became a ladies locker room and a mending room for employee frocks, aprons, hats and other production apparel.

The current deli area was the main shipping room until the 1964 addition when sausage operations were relocated to the main plant. The ice cream area was originally an open-air railcar loading dock to the Chicago Northwestern railroad, and later became a men’s locker room.

In 2007, the Jones Family built a west addition onto the current Fort Atkinson manufacturing facility and discontinued using the original Sausage Kitchen for any type of meat production.

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